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Rental Property Owner Newbies: How Will You Manage Your Chicago Properties?

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Rental Property Owner Newbies: How Will You Manage Your Chicago Properties?

Newbies to the rental property business are always excited to get started. There is nothing like purchasing a rental property, fixing it up and then finding tenants. The extra source of income can be live changing and for many, a new career path. As you get started, have you thought about how the property will be managed? If you are a new rental property owner with an existing job, you may find that the process of managing your property becomes overwhelming, especially when you have more than one property or have a multi-tenant facility, such as an apartment building.

Managing one rental property can be tough, but when two or more properties are in the mix, the process becomes even more challenging. There are several aspects to consider, with the two more important being your tenants and the upkeep of the property. Learning more about what these two categories entail can help you to see how busy you will be in the future. An option for assistance can be found with Chicago rental property management services.


Perhaps the most important aspect of your new venture is the tenants. You must have tenants in place in order to make money. So, when you have a new rental property, you must find tenants. This process involves advertising and marketing, interviewing and then signing contracts. The more properties you have, the more time consuming the process will be.

Once you have tenants in place, you must then work on keeping them happy. Any requests for assistance must be followed as well as ensuring that tenants pay rent on time and take care of your property. When vacancies occur, you are also responsible for finding new tenants, which can be a lengthy process.

With a Chicago rental property company providing management services for your investments, you have a team in place to take care of all your tenant needs for you. The Chicago property management company will keep track of which properties are vacant as well as have tenants, take rental payments, speak with tenants about issues or concerns, etc. This takes a huge weight off your shoulders and allows you to focus on family or furthering your business.


To ensure your properties remain profitable, you will need to continue with upkeep. This can be tricky when you are managing the properties on your own. You must schedule regular HVAC service checkups, take care of any issues that arise, such as with plumbing or electrical. Any issue will need to be taken care of quickly so that your tenants remain happy. Additional areas of this category can include lawn maintenance and pest control.

When you have multiple properties, it is best to have a property management company in place to assist with your upkeep needs. A schedule will be created to keep track of each property, ensuring all appointments for service are kept and any issues are handled quickly.

When you begin the process of investing in rental property, keep a Chicago property management company in mind. Having an experienced team by your side can be helpful as well as relieving when it comes to taking care of your rental properties.

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