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Marketing Your Properties: How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

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Marketing Your Properties: How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

When it comes to marketing rental properties today, social media is a top option. Millennials are the larger clientele demographic and they use social media frequently for their consumer needs, such as shopping and rentals. The best way to find millennials for your properties is to focus on social media marketing. Use a Chicago property management team to not only provide quality services for your property but up your game and include social media management as well.

Promote Your Available Properties

By setting up a company social media page on Facebook or Instagram, you can build a following. You can then promote your available properties and quickly find tenants. Think about how you use social media pages. You share posts right? Well, once you have a following, your posts of available spaces will be shared across a huge demographic of social media users. This is essentially free marketing and can easily help you find a long-running tenant for your available properties.

Easily list pictures of the space as well as details on what you offer. interested parties can then contact your property management team via the social media page to inquire about the rental. Set up appointments and quickly be on your way to new tenants.

Respond to Tenants

Another great way to utilize your property is to focus on tenant management. Having a group on Facebook can put all tenant needs in one space. Your Chicago property management team can keep track of tenant needs via messages or posts. This is a great way to offer a simple means of communication for your tenants that they will be willing to use.

You can use the page to market openings as well. Quality tenants have friends or family in need of rental homes, so using this page to your advantage is key.

Promote On-site or Local Events

Another great way to bring in tenants is to use your social media page to promote events at the apartment complex or locally. Your followers will see what is going on and want to be in on the action. If you have a large apartment complex, showcase events being held on-site to interest potential tenants.

When you host regular community events and talk about them, people looking for rentals will remember your space. They will then seek out to live in your area so that they can take part in such events as well. This is also a space where local events can be shared to showcase what can be enjoyed by tenants nearby.

Building Your Brand

To get noticed and maintain tenants, you have to build a reputable brand. When you promote via social media, you are able to build a strong following and create a fan base so to speak that will help you to stay in business.

Take time to build your brand via social media. Create quirky and funny posts, also offering informative posts on potential rentals, community events, etc. Once you gain a solid following, your property management team can build on your brand and continue to help you see success via your rental properties.

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