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Bring Your Property Management into the Digital Age!

Digital Devices

Bring Your Property Management Into The Digital Age!

Are you a board member or investor that is still taking payments through a person or through the mail? How do you manage the day-to-day aspects of your commercial or residential properties? Are you really on top of the management aspect as you may think you are? Have you ever considered streamlining the process with digital rental and association management software?

All of these questions can easily be answered by working with a property management company in Chicago. You can bring your rental properties into the digital age with software made accessible by Connected Property Management. This team of expert property managers in Chicago offers a variety of services where you can bring your investment properties into the digital age. There are many aspects to you as the owner that will benefit you. There are also programs out there that make it easy for your tenants to make requests and also pay their rent online.

Check out some of the benefits of bringing your property management into the digital age.

Real Time Reports with the Owners Forum

Throughout your property management experience, you will need access to various reports on your properties. When you work with a company that provides data online, you can sign in and access this information anywhere. Whether you’re at the bank, with your financial advisor or you need to get reports for other owners, you can do so with the click of a mouse. Bringing your financial reports to the online service is easy to do and allows you to see items such as:

  1. Invoices and bills that are paid or still outstanding
  2. Tracking your leases and rental agreements for all your tenants in one place
  3. Communicate with your residents with ease on a forum set up just for that specific purpose
  4. Make sure that your insurance policies are in place and are current
  5. Monthly financial reports are at your fingertips any time on a computer or most mobile devices
  6. Allow unit owners and tenants to set up recurring payments or one-time payments with ease

Reports for the Board

Your HOA board also needs to be able to access certain details about the property itself. With the Vision platform by Connected Condominium Management, they can access all current and historical records whenever they need. This includes a list of issues such as:

  1. Disputes and complaints placed by residents and how they were resolved
  2. Repairs or maintenance issues that have been handled and those that are still awaiting completion
  3. Keep up with those who have moved in or out of the building and any violations or ownership changes
  4. It provides protection for you and the board you have in place by keeping accurate records for any disputes in the future
  5.  Provides real-time reports on all aspects of the managing boards requirements. There is no more waiting around for an update as this system shows it to you right away.

Other Advantages

By working your property management into the digital age, you can gain other benefits as well. There’s no more chasing down payments or bounced checks as your residents can pay right online. It allows you to offer more payment options to your tenants as well as many do not use cash or checks any longer.

Other benefits include the ability for your tenants to make requests for maintenance or repairs any time of day or night. You do not have to field phone calls any longer. It can go through the system, you monitor the action taken, and everyone is kept up to date on a real-time basis.

Be sure to contact a Chicago property management company such as Connected Property Management to bring your rental and investment properties into the digital age.

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