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Maintaining your Property

Benefits of Keeping Properties in the Best Shape

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Small details are frequently forgotten, especially if the problems seem like they need to be more urgent. But, a buildup of these little issues will inevitably result in more serious ones. If you're still unsure as to why keeping properties in the best shape through Chicago property management is essential, keep reading as we go over the primary benefits of it: Protected Property Value Property is a form of investment bought with the hope that its value will increase overtime. If you decide to sell it in the future, a well-kept property will generate more interest and sell for more money...

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What Does the Future of Property Management Look Like?


As we move forward into the future, property management companies are embracing innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, improve the resident experience, and optimize Chicago property management. 1. Embracing Automation and Artificial Intelligence One of the key aspects shaping the future of property management is the widespread adoption of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Property managers can automate routine tasks, streamline processes, and gain valuable insights from data analysis by incorporating smart systems and AI-powered solutions. This enables them to allocate more time and resources to building strong relationships with residents, delivering personalized services, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. With automation...

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Property Management In Chicago For Smaller Associations

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Too often smaller condominium associations feel they can’t find proper property management in Chicago. That is not the case. Working with a specialist in smaller associations, such as Connected Management, can help you get where you need to be. We work with smaller Chicago condominium boards to help with all aspects of managing your community. We provide a wide range of property management services in Chicago. These include: Collection of Assessments - All association dues and special assessments will be collected from your owners on a monthly basis.Treatment of Delinquencies - When a unit owner becomes past due in the payment...

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Top 4 Factors Affecting the Real Estate Market


Several factors can affect the real estate market. A Chicago condominium management expert can help you identify these factors and determine how they affect your real estate property. Wondering what are these factors? Here are some of the most important ones. Mortgage Interest Rates When it comes to mortgage rates, lenders have the freedom to set their rates. However, the Federal Reserve monitors current economic data and periodically adjusts interest rates. These adjustments can significantly impact the cost of homes and determine whether someone can afford to buy one. When interest rates drop, it means that mortgage costs also decrease. This,...

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How Property Management Benefits Property Owners

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Hiring a property manager can help save time, money, and stress. It will provide different solutions related to marketing, upkeep, finances, and regulations. You only need to interact with one manager instead of contacting multiple experts or companies. In most circumstances, Chicago property management actually ends up being less expensive. Since property managers have access to a network of contractors, it will be easier to find renters. Lower time is also one of the primary issues for property owners. You might want to handle both your primary work and the rental market if that is your secondary source of income. And...

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