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Increase Energy Efficiency and Attract More Tenants!

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Increase Energy Efficiency and Attract More Tenants!

When you own a Chicago condominium rental property, you want to make sure that your property is appealing to tenants. You want to ensure that when a vacancy in your unit happens, it isn’t long before that property is filled. You want to make sure your Chicago property is appealing to the potential tenants around the area.

Energy efficiency is a huge draw to many people looking for property these days. They want to know that they are being energy conscious when it comes to their everyday processes in life. While there are things they can do such as turning off items that aren’t being used, there are things you as the property owner can do to draw them into your Chicago condo.

Take a look below at some of the upgrades you can do with your property management team in Chicago to make sure your apartments are on the must-rent list!

Upgrade Lighting

One of the largest energy budget items in a household is the lighting in the rooms. The type of fixtures and bulbs you use says a lot about the energy draw in one apartment. It is important that all your light bulbs are either LED or compact fluorescent models (CFL) to help reduce the energy draw in the home. You can change out the apartments over time as tenants move out or you can do them all at once while tenants are still in the home. Changing bulbs over to these types of bulbs will help to reduce the energy bill and draw that your tenants have.

No More Drafts

You’ve probably heard your parents in the past say to close the door, you’re not trying to heat or cool the whole neighborhood. That is the same concept with drafts in your Chicago building. When you have a drafty apartment, there is so much energy wasted as it is taking the unit more to keep the right temperature in the apartment. Whether it is a drafty door, old windows, or even a fireplace letting cool and heat out, you want to take all necessary measures to reduce the draftiness in your building. If you have older windows in the unit, try to upgrade them as you can to make sure to reduce the drafts around the seals. Make sure all doors shut and seal properly and adjust/replace them if they do not.

Conserve Water

Water conservation is a huge draw to those that are wanting to reduce their energy and waste. By installing water conserving faucets and toilets, you can help reduce the wasted water in your Chicago property. When a tenant moves out, you can take that opportunity to slowly upgrade all of your apartments with the newer fixtures. These newer models can help to reduce water usage by up to 20% in most cases.

These are just a few ways you can work with your Chicago property management company to upgrade your building and draw in more energy minded tenants. Remember that going green is here to stay. You can help to reduce the footprint your building and your tenants have.

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