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Services for a Rental Property Management Company to Provide


Services for a Rental Property Management Company to Provide

When you’re a Chicago property owner considering a rental property management team, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. There are a variety of services that property management companies can provide. You need to make a list of the ones that are must-haves when you are choosing your new company.

Here are a few of the services to look for when considering hiring a Chicago property management company. You may have a list in mind for what you need but here are some more ideas if you’re not sure what is available.


One main aspect of a rental property management company in Chicago is the maintenance services they provide. You need to know that they can handle all types of maintenance issues. These can range from every day fixes such as filter changes for HVAC units and up to plumbing issues such as a leaking toilet or faucet.

Late Rental Payments

One of the dreaded portions of owning a rental property is dealing with late rental payments. In a perfect world, the rent would always be paid on time for every tenant. However, this is not always the case. You need someone you can trust to make sure payments are made on time and late fees are applied if not. Working with a property management company can help you to make sure that all fees and rents are collected in a timely manner. If rent is not paid, they can also start the eviction process for you.

Online Services

With a rental management company in Chicago such as Connected Property Management, you can use online access to see all the reports on your specific investment property. The tenants can pay rent online and also request maintenance. You can see what tenants have paid, what maintenance and repairs have been done, and other financial reports when you need them.

Find New Tenants in a Timely Manner

Filling a vacancy in an apartment is crucial. The longer the apartment is empty, the longer your investment is draining money from you instead of putting it back in your pocket. It is also important that you have the right tenants in your building. That is where the Chicago rental manager comes in. They can run all the proper background and credit checks to make sure that the potential tenant is a quality tenant. They can also help you to fill vacancies faster by consistently working until the vacancy is filled.

Round the Clock Support

Another asset you want to find in a Chicago management company is that of around-the-clock support. In emergency situations your tenants should have the ability to speak to a live person at any time. By having a company that haves agents ready 24-hours a day, you can avoid a problem with your tenants.

There are many other services that a property manager in Chicago can provide. You can enjoy being an investor and growing your portfolio while someone else takes care of the day-to-day requirements of owning a rental property. Contact Connected Property Management today to see if they can assist you with all the needs your condo rental may have.

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