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Misconceptions About Chicago Property Management

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Misconceptions About Chicago Property Management

When it comes to taking care of your investment property, you may feel you have to do it all yourself. This is not true! Running your property management by yourself can be very overwhelming. There are repairs that come at all hours of the night, rental fee collection, eviction of tenants, finding quality tenants, and more.

Taking care of all that yourself can seem like a never-ending task. Chicago property management can help alleviate that stress and the hassle. There are many misconceptions about hiring a Chicago property manager. Take some time to go over these myths below and see if you have fallen into this belief.

You Lose Control

Some people feel that if they let someone else manage their property they lose all control. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you work with a property management company in Chicago, you are still in control. You work with your team, such as the one at Connected Management, and they will follow your wishes. You set up how you want day-to-day duties handled, and you put into place practices for what should take place when there’s an issue.

You Still Answer Maintenance Calls

Owners may be under the misconception that they still have to take and handle maintenance or repair calls. This is not true when you have a talented team on your side. When you work with a management company, they handle, and field all calls for you. They work to make sure that you do not have to take time away from your busy day to handle an emergency heating repair. They have vendors on-call to handle jobs.

You Don’t Have the Budget

You might be surprised to know that the services provided by Connected Management are quite affordable. They can fit any budget and make sure that your condo in Chicago is safely cared for. There are no hidden fees that would cause you to pay more than what is needed.

You Don’t Get to Choose the Vendors

While the company most likely has vendors they use, you do have a say in who does the work on your property. After all, this is your investment. Connected Management knows that and wants you to be fully pleased with who works on your property.

Repair Prices are Outrageous

Actually, working with a property management company can actually save you money on repairs. They have relationships with vendors that can help reduce the prices that you would normally pay.

Working with a talented and experienced Chicago property management company can alleviate many of the stresses that you face as a property owner. Whether it is your first condo or your tenth, hiring a property manager has more benefits than disadvantages. Contact Connected Management today to see just how they can assist you with all your property managing needs. They can relieve the hassle and pressure that comes with tenant replacement, eviction, rental collections and more.

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