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Top Ways to Highlight the Sell-able Features of Your Rental Property in Chicago

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Top Ways to Highlight the Sellable Features of Your Rental Property

When it comes to a rental property, there are going to be features that make it attractive. A waterfront view, large bathrooms, open floor plan, etc.  As a rental property owner, it is important to determine the sellable features of your property and promote them when you have a vacancy. Pushing the high points will attract new tenants and hopefully help you fill vacancies as quickly as possible. Below are a few top tips to get you started. Work with your Chicago property management team to begin highlighting the best features of your investments. 

Take the Right Photographs

When listing a rental online, you want to take images to highlight the space. But you must take great care to photograph the best features. You can choose areas that have function and design, showcasing such areas a balcony with a view, large kitchen or upscale bathroom.

While you should take photos of the entire space, spend time highlighting the best features so they gain the attention of potential tenants. Show the property from every angle so that tenants can see how much space your property offers as well as special features.

Virtual Home Tour

With the help of your Chicago property management team, you can create a virtual home tour that will allow possible tenants to walk through the space. A phone video can be used or a live stream via Facebook or Instagram. Technology has come a long way over the years and with a little effort, you can create a virtual tour that will keep people interested and your property rented.

During the video, you can highlight the best aspects such as a recently remodeled bathroom or appliance upgrades. You can push the high points so that potential tenants see exactly what you have done to the space, in real-time.

Talk About What’s Nearby

When finding a property to rent, tenants want to know what they will have access to. If your property is within walking distance to restaurants, parks, bars or retailers, you must highlight this information in your listing. Tenants want to know what they can see and do, just steps from the property. Be sure to mention top-rated restaurants, grocers or other options nearby in your listing.


Another great way to highlight your best properties is with tenant testimonials. When tenants decide to move, have your Chicago property manager ask for a testimonial that can be used in a new listing. Most tenants are willing to help if you have a good relationship. Just a quick statement that can be used to promote your property is a great way to showcase what you have to offer.

These are just a few tips to consider when listing a rental property. Be sure to place emphasis on the key features of the property to draw in more interest. This way, you can rent the property as quickly as possible without delay, which helps to continue to bring in a steady income from your property.

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