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How to Use Online Rental Listings to Attract Quality Tenants

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How to Use Online Rental Listings to Attract Quality Tenants

As a rental property owner, you want to keep your properties filled with tenants. At this time, the coronavirus pandemic is still an issue, so it makes it difficult for property owners to have an open house for listings or to provide other types of physical promotion. Online rental listings have started to take over the industry for the past few years and are very relative today. With a quality online rental listing, you can easily attract renters during the pandemic and keep your properties full. But how do you use an online listing to attract quality tenants? Below are a few tips on how to have your Chicago property management team build your listings for premium tenants.

Build an Optimized Listing

To begin, you need to build an optimized listing. Wording needs to be used to help your listing stand out and pull in great tenants. An optimized listing will include images that highlight the amenities and great features of your properties. The descriptions of your rental property need to be concise and describe exactly what is on offer.

Summaries should also be included by your Chicago property management team that include what the neighborhood has to offer. Parks, schools, stores, etc. should all be included. By providing this information, potential tenants will see what is nearby and be more willing to choose your property.

Utilizing Your Listing

Once you have a strong and optimized listing created, it needs to be utilized. You will need to add the listing to popular sites in your region as well as social media accounts and your own website. In general, social media is the quickest and best way to get your listing to the market. Renters from their 20s to 60s and beyond use such social media sites as Facebook and Instagram. By adding your listing to these sites, followers can easily share the listing and you will begin to see interest in your property.

Your Chicago property manager can also help by using software or a listing widget to create branded listing. These rental listings can then be placed anywhere with just a click of the mouse. Prospective tenants can contact you online and even apply to be the next tenant of your property.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Whether you are just starting out as a rental company or building your brand, social media is key. Around 30% of millennials will engage with a brand via social media at least once a month. This means that if you build a strong social media presence for your rental property company, you will see a return in your business.

Users of sites like Facebook love to be in the know and to share information. If you build a large following, then you can build a base of people that will instantly share your content. This is basically free advertising! Start a conversation with your followers on a regular basis, even hosting contests for sharing your listings.

With a little effort and ingenuity, you can create online listings that boost your rental property business. Think outside the box and learn more about how your property management team can help you build online listings that will build upon your existing rental property business.

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