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Why Should You Work With A Property Management Company?


Why Should You Work With A Property Management Company? Taking care of your own condominium is both exciting and overwhelming. There are many aspects of managing a property you must consider when it comes to taking on that job yourself. While you may feel you can handle all of this on your own, hiring a Chicago property manager can help you do so much more than you imagined. Here are a few reasons you should consider working with a Chicago property management company such as Connected Management. Free up your time – Managing an investment property such as a condo takes...

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Characteristics to Avoid in Condo Management Companies

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Characteristics to Avoid in Condo Management Companies For most board members, it is essential to hire a property management company to maintain your condominium association. In the beginning, a board may try to go it alone, but over time, you quickly realize the demand is too much for self-management. By hiring a Chicago condo manager, you have a team that assists in the day to day operations of your community. When searching for a property management company, there are certain things you want to avoid. Reach the tips below to see what to watch out for when interviewing property management groups....

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5 Questions to Ask Your Property Manager

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5 Questions to Ask Your Property Manager When owning property, it is important to have a qualified property manager working for you to help maintain the successful operations of your rental. Whether you own an entire apartment building or several residential dwellings, commercial space or vacation spots, it is essential to have a qualified individual or team keeping your property in check. Once you have a property manager in Chicago caring for your investments, it is important to ask questions from time to time to make sure the daily operations are running smoothly. Follow the suggestions below to ask the right...

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5 Tips You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying Investment Property

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5 Tips You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying Investment Property Investment property in the Chicago area is a great way to grow your portfolio while offering a much-needed service to the community. You can purchase a Chicago condo as part of your investments and improve the area around you. However, before you go out and buy property, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Property management in Chicago means more than just owning a property and walking away. Here are five things you should know before you buy an investment property. You Need to Be Accessible...

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Why Should You Trust Connected Management?


Why Should You Trust Connected Management? Managing a Chicago condo association is both exciting and exasperating at the same time. It is important that you have the right support you need to make sure your community runs smoothly. That is where Connected Management comes in! They specialize in small to mid-size condominium associations in Chicago and offer a variety of management services to fit all your needs. You can rest assured that your condo and your community is in the right hands with this team. They can assist you with everything from financial and maintenance coordination and making sure you’re in...

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