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Discover Why Connected Management May Be The Solution To Your Problem

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As a condo board member, you’re probably stressed out and frustrated even if you have a property manager on your side. That’s why it’s important to find a Chicago property management company that can take that frustration out of the process for you. You want to ensure that you have someone you can trust, that you can count on and that you can walk away from the hassles and headaches knowing they’ve got you covered. That’s why so many condo boards and owners just like you work with the experts at Connected Management. The team here strives to offer services that...

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What are the Most Important Aspects of Property Management?

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One of the biggest challenges with Property management in Chicago is that the property landscape changes occasionally. The right property management in these situations can help minimize issues and increase the earning potential from these properties. What are the Most Important Aspects of Property Management? Identifying the right property management aspects is the key to long-term sustainability in business. According to stats, the market value increased by 7.78% in 12 months. These experts believe the increase could continue in the upcoming months. In these circumstances, here are the most important aspects of property management you should consider. 1. Effective Data Management Data...

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What Are the Top 3 Strengths of a Property Manager?

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Many people are hesitant to hire a property manager. Can someone care for your property as you do? In fact, leading Chicago property management companies are skeptical of hiring someone new for their business. After all, wrong hiring can be significantly damaging to a business. Of course, you can’t guarantee a manager will be perfect for your property or company. However, a good manager should have three qualities. So, without further ado, here are three major qualities of a skilled and good property manager to look for, whether you are a property owner or a property management company. What Makes a...

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How to Choose a Property Manager: Tips to Consider


Managing properties is one of the most challenging tasks for investors. Putting your money at risk is only a part of the job, and for long-term success, investors must have the right service with them. The right property management service can significantly ease your property issues and provide better advice and ROI. How to Choose a Property Manager: Tips to Consider The benefits of property management services are only helpful if you have the right property manager with you. It’s why Chicago property management companies have become so popular in such a short period. As a professional, it’s your job to...

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Benefits Of A Property Management Company For Small-Medium Condos


As a property owner or manager of a small to medium Chicago condo, you may feel like a management company is out of your reach. That has never been further from the truth. The benefits that a talented Chicago property management company can bring to your smaller property is just as much as the larger units. That’s where Connected Management comes in. We work specifically with those smaller to medium condo units to help take the hassle out of managing your association. Connected Management takes care of all the minute details so you don’t have to. Take a look below at...

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