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How to Increase Rental Revenue in 2021

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How to Increase Rental Revenue in 2021 Last year was a tough one for everybody, including landlords. If you own rental property, you were most likely hit with a loss of income. As millions of people were laid off from work due to COVID-19, it became basically impossible to travel to vacation rental properties as well as pay monthly rental payments. Help was provided by the federal government, but it has not been nearly enough to make up for revenue losses or help for everyday people. For rental property owners, 2021 will hopefully be a better year. One way to make...

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How to Make Potential Tenants More Comfortable with Property Viewing Amidst COVID-19

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How to Make Potential Tenants More Comfortable with Property Viewing Amidst COVID-19 Operating a rental property is tricky, but add in the COVID-19 pandemic, and the process becomes even more complicated. Even if you have a qualified Chicago property management team, you may find it difficult to find potential tenants for your property due to the virus. Renters may be hesitant to rent from companies if they feel unsafe due to COVID or the rent may be too high due to employment issues. Whatever the case may be, learning how to make potential tenants more comfortable will ensure that your property...

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Update Your Rental Properties In 2021

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Update Your Rental Properties In 2021 When it comes to managing your Chicago rental properties, there comes a time you’ll need to do some updating. This not only helps to draw in more tenants, but it also helps to increase the property value. There are some great ideas for upgrading your properties in 2021. As a Chicago property manager, you want to keep these ideas in mind for your rental units. Fresh Paint One of the easiest and budge-friendly upgrade options you can do include adding a fresh coat of paint to all of the units. You can update the colors...

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Management Tips For The Holidays

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Management Tips For The Holidays As the holiday season is fast approaching, there are a few property management tips you can utilize to help make the season festive and safe. There are a few items you can keep in mind to help you to be a safe property manager in Chicago. It’s important that you are making sure your tenants are reminded of the tips they can use as well. If you’re ready to make sure your condo in Chicago is ready for the season, here are some guidelines to ensure it is done. Heat Working Make sure that the heat...

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Owning Rental Property in 2021: The Outlook


Owning Rental Property in 2021: The Outlook When it comes to owning rental property, there are always risks and concerns in your mind. However, if you waited until now to do so, you may have even more concern about the outlook in 2021. It is important to remember that while the coronavirus has hit the economy very hard, rental markets and property markets always bounce back. The housing market can take hits and come back as property is always in demand. If you’re in the market to find property management in Chicago to get your feet wet in the rental game,...

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