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Tips to Solve Conflicts in Property Management

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Conflicts are an inevitable part of life, and when it comes to property management, they can sometimes seem like a never-ending saga. But fear not, for there are effective strategies and tips to navigate these turbulent waters and find the calm after the storm. So, let's dive into some tried-and-true tips that will help you sail smoothly through the stormy seas of property management conflicts. Open Lines of Communication Communication is the cornerstone of conflict resolution. Ensure you have open channels for residents, tenants, and property owners to express their concerns and grievances openly and transparently. Regular newsletters, emails, and meetings...

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Can a Property Manager Sign a Lease on Behalf of the Owner?


Property management in Chicago is one of the most in-demand businesses. Investors are pitching in millions of dollars every year in business. There’s a variety of different management services that are also operating in the area, making it a quickly growing industry. According to official records, the property’s square footage contributes around 30% of the property value. However, several technical issues might arise when dealing with real estate. Understanding Property Management Most people working in Condominium management in Chicago have hired a professional property manager who operates on the owner’s behalf. They can take over different roles using the written authorization...

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Professional Tips to Refine Your Property’s Move Out Steps

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Professional Tips to Refine Your Property’s Move Out Steps Having tenants move out isn’t something you ideally want, however, it does happen. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a high turnover rate, but to keep positive reviews and ensure your now previous tenants have great things to say about you, make sure you make the move out process seamless and quick. When a tenant is moving, they are already stressed out and have a million things to stay on top of. You, as the property manager, can make sure your tenants have a smooth move. This will be better for you...

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How to Create and Enforce a Guest Policy Within Your Condo Rental


How to Create and Enforce a Guest Policy Within Your Condo Rental As a rental condo owner, you are responsible for the people who live within your building. It is important to screen potential tenants carefully and craft an agreement that clearly defines the residents in the space. While operating your condominium, you may find that certain tenants have guests that you think are temporary visitors. But what do you do when they become an ongoing occupant within the property? Tenant and Guest Definition A tenant is the person or persons that you have signed a contract with to pay rent...

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Pet Policies and Service Animals

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Pet Policies and Service Animals Pets are a huge part of many families in the Chicago area and around the nation. Many people own multiple pets ranging anywhere from a couple dogs to cats, fish, and even snakes in some cases. As a Chicago property owner, how can you restrict pets in your building without being discriminatory? Can you have a no-pets policy in place by law and stay protected? There is a way to post a no-pets policy with your Chicago property management company as long as you’re aware of the exceptions you need to have in place. Your pet...

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