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Top 4 Questions To Ask A Property Management Team

Number 4

Finding the right property management team in Chicago can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve been burned by things in the past that didn’t go the way you thought they would. Whatever your past experience with management teams, you can have a great one if you know what to look for. Knowing the top four questions to ask your potential Chicago property management team. The following questions will help you to determine if the team you’re discussing future business relationships with is a good fit for your condominium. Whether you are new to the market or you’re a seasoned investor, these tips will...

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Change Property Management With Smart Online Tools

When it comes to owning a condo and the associations involved, you want to have a team of expert Chicago property managers on your side. You want to know that you can easily access records any time, anywhere and have it all in the convenience of your smart phone. That’s why Connected Management can provide. Years of service to our small and medium condo associations around the Chicago area have led us to create a smart, innovative online toolbox to help you get the most out of your property management in Chicago. Take a look below at what we offer and...

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What Does the Future of Property Management Look Like?


As we move forward into the future, property management companies are embracing innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, improve the resident experience, and optimize Chicago property management. 1. Embracing Automation and Artificial Intelligence One of the key aspects shaping the future of property management is the widespread adoption of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Property managers can automate routine tasks, streamline processes, and gain valuable insights from data analysis by incorporating smart systems and AI-powered solutions. This enables them to allocate more time and resources to building strong relationships with residents, delivering personalized services, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. With automation...

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Top Property Management Tips for Multi-Tenant Buildings in Chicago

Multi unit building

Effective property management is essential for maintaining the value and functionality of multi-tenant buildings in Chicago. With the growing demand for housing and condominiums in the city, property managers must implement strategies that ensure tenant satisfaction, promote efficient operations, and maximize returns on investment. Tips for Multi-Tenant Buildings in Chicago We will explore the top property management tips specifically tailored for multi-tenant buildings in Chicago, focusing on areas such as Chicago property management, condo management, condominium management, and condo association management. 1. Prioritize Effective Communication Clear and consistent communication is the foundation of successful property management. Implement a streamlined system for...

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Property Management In Chicago For Smaller Associations

Business Meeting

Too often smaller condominium associations feel they can’t find proper property management in Chicago. That is not the case. Working with a specialist in smaller associations, such as Connected Management, can help you get where you need to be. We work with smaller Chicago condominium boards to help with all aspects of managing your community. We provide a wide range of property management services in Chicago. These include: Collection of Assessments - All association dues and special assessments will be collected from your owners on a monthly basis.Treatment of Delinquencies - When a unit owner becomes past due in the payment...

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